Saturday, 28 May 2011

Internet Game Analysis #4

In this game my opponent called it an execution! Which was pretty funny. It was then I mentioned how I loved the Smith Morra Gambit; such a fun game to play! Anyway, he then told me that he doesn't study theory! I was blown away that he didn't considering his rating was higher than mine! After being beaten in this opening twice, I would hope at least analyzes these games to learn his mistakes. Lesson to be learned a little bit of study goes a long way to improve your game! With YouTube videos; this is easier than ever now days!

Anyway. Obviously he should have had done something about the f7 threat on move 7. Counter attacking with the knight all alone was just a bad idea. After that exchange his King was running amuck out in the middle of the board! Never a good thing. By this point there was really nothing my opponent could do to stop the onslaught. I put it through the computer and the positions which were played were almost comical.

Lesson to be learnt: Always be mindful of attacks on the King via the vulnerable f2 or f7 Pawn's.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Internet Game Analysis #3

This was sort of an interesting game for me because I haven't often played against the Lopez opening. Everything was going good pretty well the both of us developing our pieces. Until at move 14 my opponent playing White got a little greedy and stole a Pawn. This opened up the way for me to win a piece. By taking the Pawn he put his Bishop in harms way. It was not as protected as he thought because  after 14...Bxc4 Black's bishop is hanging! After that it was just forced trading and pressure, pressure, pressure! A fairly standard uninteresting finish to the game followed, White's queen trying to gobble some Pawns put him a tad off side.

Lesson to be learnt: Don't leave a piece hanging! Pretty obvious but important, maybe all those Chess tactic puzzles are starting to pay off!

Internet Game Analysis #2

As far as I can tell my opponent was doing a good job until about move 27 where he traded Rook's. In my opinion this is where the game really shifted in my favour opening up the queenside for an attack. Interestingly when I put the game through a computer vs. computer simulation at move 26 the Black's Rook played a waiting move @...b7. The computer played it out to a draw from that point. Though Black certainly had more dynamic play. I think had my opponent been less aggressive, he would have had a better game. Though he obviously felt pressure and followed the popular convention of trading down. There may be a lesson in here.

Lesson to be learnt: Do not trade down unless it favours your position!

How one determines that well I hope to be able to figure that out someday! This was the first of three games. I am proud to have won all three.  The next two games coming up...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chess Club

I played Chess at my local group tonight. It went good, I lost 2 games out of 10 or 11 games. Playing in person is much more enjoyable than online play in my opinion. It's awesome building a report with a good group of Chess players, better yet; it is good to find a nemesis to improving your game. I have a couple such players at my club and I enjoy pitting my mind against theirs every week.  When I first joined the group, I lost every game against my nemesis now I am nearing 50/50 against him. Hopefully I will surpass him and be able to find stronger players to play against in the future! Anyway play Chess in person it will make it more fun and give you a reason to leave the house!