Friday, 27 May 2011

Internet Game Analysis #2

As far as I can tell my opponent was doing a good job until about move 27 where he traded Rook's. In my opinion this is where the game really shifted in my favour opening up the queenside for an attack. Interestingly when I put the game through a computer vs. computer simulation at move 26 the Black's Rook played a waiting move @...b7. The computer played it out to a draw from that point. Though Black certainly had more dynamic play. I think had my opponent been less aggressive, he would have had a better game. Though he obviously felt pressure and followed the popular convention of trading down. There may be a lesson in here.

Lesson to be learnt: Do not trade down unless it favours your position!

How one determines that well I hope to be able to figure that out someday! This was the first of three games. I am proud to have won all three.  The next two games coming up...

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