Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Open A File

My opponent (white) did not like my Bishop and decided he was going to trade off his knight. This is a very common practice as many players favour the Bishop over a Knight and consider the trade an advantage. I kindly obliged, instead of retreating to another square I decided it might be useful to open up my A File. As you can see from the game, this allowed opportunity for a massive attack following a Rook lift.

Moving his king, on move 25 was a huge blunder essentially just losing, as White would have had to give up his Queen to stop the mate. The position would have been much better for White, had he played 12. h4 instead of h3, as h3 was hanging due to the pin. White could have then locked up the position playing 13. g3. In fact the computer seems to slightly favour White in this position.

However we are not Computers! I believe the open A file can provide interesting avenues for attacks, getting the Rook into the game early on. A strategy that I will have to look at closer.

In any case it was a really fun game!

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